Give the gift of stories

Support a loved one to build their life story with questions you never thought to ask.

How Storii works

Choose questions to answer
Browse our library of 1000 questions or create your own!

Build a life story
Receive weekly email prompts and populate your life story with text, images and videos.

Share with friends and family
Easily share stories via email or links, or download your stories as a beautiful keepsake.

Thousands of Happy Storii Users All Around the World

“Creating and maintaining a life story for my grandfather on Storii has been incredibly empowering for my whole family. The prompts are helpful in guiding you to really tease out interesting tidbits that I never would have known or asked my grandfather about otherwise. I can highly recommend Storii!”
Sarah Andals
“What a great Christmas gift for my Dad! I am learning so much about him that I never knew, and I wouldn't even think of half the brilliant questions Storii has to offer. Absolutely worth spending time on! ”
Jacob Teller
“Family members can see what activities they’ve been doing throughout the week. They can add playlists, childhood pictures, anything. It reduces paperwork on a day-to-day basis. You can spend a lot more time with the service users, doing more activities, taking photographs and videos on the spot.”
Jacqueline Sinnerton

Discover Family Stories That You Never Knew

Build interactive
life stories

Life story books are great. But they don't let you hear your auntie's voice. They don't let you watch your father's expressions as he tells you all his tall tales. They don't give your children the whole picture of who their grandmother was.

Storii is more than a life story book. Our platform lets you easily build a multi-media life biography for yourself or a loved one using photos, music, videos, audio recordings and text.

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Share with friends and family

Our life story template includes over 1000 questions to choose from, with the option to create your own. Share responses with friends or family and invite them to create life stories, too!

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Stay connected with loved ones in care

The Storii team are also the creators of StoriiCare, a task management, activity tracking and engagement platform for care providers. StoriiCare is used by Residential, Adult Day Care and Home Care communities. Recommend Storii to your loved one's care provider. This way, you can share their life story and receive live notifications about your loved one from staff using the StoriiCare platform.

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Storii Makes a Great Gift

Ready to record a memoir for your family? Looking for questions to ask your parents? Want to document a loved one's life before their memory fades? Don't wait! There is no greater gift than preserving a life story to be treasured for generations to come.

With Storii you can:
Choose from over 1000 life story question prompts (or create your own!)
Record interactive responses (video, photo, text, audio)
Print a Life Story Record including all populated questions
Curate and share personal music & video playlists
Create a 'My Places' list by saving significant locations using Google Street View


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Search for Storii Family App in the Google Play Store or App Store. The app is free to download and use. Simply log in using the email address and password you registered with.

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