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Helping you stay better connected to your loved ones in care and at home

Build life stories

Build life story biographies for yourself or a loved one. Access our curated list of over 800 life story questions or create your own! Add text, images, videos or audio recordings to bring your story to life.

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Share with friends and family

Share life story responses with friends and family via simple emails. Don't forget to invite family members to Storii so they too can build their life stories!

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Stay connected with loved ones in care

The Storii team are also the creators of StoriiCare, a care management, activity tracking and engagement platform for care providers. StoriiCare is used by Residential, Adult Day Care and Home Care providers. Use can Storii to keep up to date with your loves ones in care, and receive notifications from staff using the StoriiCare platform.

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How Storii works

“My own personal experience is with my mother who has dementia. It is a comfort to the family to be able to keep up with her activities and know she is safe. Sometimes she has no recollection of her day-to-day living, but with the help of Storii we can follow her routine.”
John, Storii Family User
“Storii allows me to basically create a digital life story for my grandma. To be able to quickly upload a playlist of her favorite songs and photos from her life to share with the staff who care for her is amazing. She has Alzheimer’s disease and won’t be able to tell them this stuff herself. Anything that allows me to better equip the staff to know her and support her is wonderful. Plus, I live far away and can’t visit so it’s nice to upload photos from my life for her to see as well.”
Taylor, Storii Family User
“We have StoriiCare set up on a TV screen in our reception area, which shows the planned activities for the day and I can upload photos of my choosing to the screen as well. Visitors love to come in and see pictures of their loved ones joining in activities. Plus, prospective residents visiting get to see how active and happy the people are here, which gives them more confidence in us.”
Arlene, Activities Coordinator

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What if your care provider doesn't currently use StoriiCare? You can recommend us! Click below to fill out a form and a member of our team will reach out to you or your loved one's care team.

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Search for Storii Family App in the Google Play Store or App Store. The app is free to download and use. Simply log in using the email address and password you registered with.

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