Record life stories without writing a word

Support a loved one to build their life story by sending phone calls with meaningful questions you never thought to ask.
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How Storii Works

Life Story questions - find diamonds in the rough

Choose questions
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Purchase a Storii Gift Box or Sign up for Storii online. Choose from our curated library of over 1000 life story questions or create your own! Easily view or edit upcoming questions for yourself or a loved one.

Life Story phone calls

Receive phone calls or call in to answer life questions

Schedule automatic phone calls or call in at any time to record your life story! Recordings are automatically transcribed and added to your profile. No internet or smartphone required!

Connect with family and build a legacy

Download your audiobook or PDF book at any time

Securely share stories via email or links, and download your stories as a beautiful keepsake audiobook or PDF book to pass down through generations.

Thousands of Happy Storii Users All Around the World

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Sarah Andals
“Creating and maintaining a life story for my grandfather on Storii has been incredibly empowering for my whole family. The prompts are helpful in guiding you to really tease out interesting tidbits that I never would have known or asked my grandfather about otherwise. I can highly recommend Storii and I'm glad we'll have these answers for future generations to come!”
Jacob Teller
Jacob Teller
“What a great Christmas gift for my Dad! I am learning so much about him that I never knew, and I wouldn't even think of half the brilliant questions Storii has to offer. Absolutely worth spending time on and I'm glad I was able to help him leave a legacy! ”
Helen Teegan
“Our family members can see the different life story questions my mom has answered through the app. It's helped us build up sort of a family legacy. The fact that it calls her directly on her home phone made a big difference as she isn't great at using technology. A great mothers day gift!”

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Discover Family Stories That You Never Knew
Life Story System

Build interactive life stories

Life story books are great. But they don't let you hear your auntie's voice. They don't let you watch your father's expressions as he tells you all his tall tales. They don't give your children the whole picture of who their grandmother was.

Storii is more than a life story book. Our platform lets you easily build a multi-media life biography for yourself or a loved one using photos, music, videos, audio recordings and text.
Simple life story app

Stay connected with loved ones

The Storii team are also the creators of StoriiCare, a task management, activity tracking and engagement platform for care providers. StoriiCare is used by Residential, Adult Day Care and Home Care communities. Consider recommending Storii as a unique family gift idea to your loved one's care provider. This way, you can share their life story and receive live notifications about your loved one from staff using the StoriiCare platform.

Storii Makes a Great Gift

Ready to record a memoir for your family? Looking for questions to ask your parents? Want to document a loved one's life before their memory fades? Don't wait! There is no greater gift than preserving a life story to be treasured for generations to come.

Storii Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls can I schedule?

You can schedule up to 3 calls per week. Choose the dates and times during the setup process, and Storii will send phone calls to your loved ones directly. These dates and times can be changed at any time by logging into your Storii profile.

How is Storii a personalized gift?

Storii enables your loved ones to record their life stories over the phone. It is a personalized way to share your memories with others in your family and for posterity.

How does Storii work?

Storii is very simple to use!
- Setup your account by calling our phone number (instructions included within the gift box) or via our online signup process. Storii does not require any internet or smartphone to record your answers.
- Pick the days and times for Storii to send phone calls.
- Storii will call the registered phone number at the set days and times, asking curated questions about each Storyteller's life. All answers are recorded, transcribed and stored to the Storyteller's online profile.
- Life stories can be downloaded as an audiobook or printed as a PDF book at any time from a profile.

Contact us to learn more.

How does the automated calling feature work?

To set up Storii Calling, enter your loved one's phone number and schedule designated days and times. They will receive automated phone calls with life story questions. To answer the questions, they can record their answers by pressing 1 on the keypad of their phone. All answers will be recorded, transcribed and added to their profile.

Can storytellers know questions ahead of time before each call so they can think about their answers?

At current, if users are able to log in to their Storii Profile, they will be able to see all upcoming questions by clicking the 'Upcoming Questions' button. From there, questions can be removed, re-ordered and custom questions can be added.

If the storyteller is unable to access their profile, for example if they do not have any internet and are using a landline phone for Storii, they will be able to call in to Storii at any time by calling the same number we call from to hear their next upcoming question. They could also simply hang up once they hear the question during the scheduled call, as Storii will keep asking the same question until it is either answered or skipped.

What does the gift box include?

The Storii Gift Box includes 
1x Card containing a unique phone activation code
1x Card with activation instructions
1x Card with a list of example life story questions

Take a look at what's included in the gift box. You can also subscribe to Storii online. Use the promo code WELCOME10 to enjoy a 10% discount. 

How does Storii record stories?

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