Our story: one man's kidney failure

Storii's founder, Cameron Graham, was taking part in a charity run when he experienced kidney failure

This landed him in a hospital ward next to Peter. Peter was an elderly man with dementia. He didn’t start or participate in many conversations, but Cameron noticed that when his granddaughter would visit and show him family photo albums, Peter would light up and become conversational. When she left, Peter grew quiet and retreated into himself.

Sitting in his hospital bed passing time on an iPad, Cameron felt there must be a tool to help Peter reconnect with both his past and his present

After researching existing products and finding them ineffective, he decided to create something new - and with that, Storii was born. Storii has other products in addition to their life story platform, including StoriiCare, an EHR platform that care providers use to manage and maintain records for those they care for.

Storii users with family members whose care providers use StoriiCare will be able to see media, events and activities pertaining to their loved one directly within their Storii feed.

Bring stories to life

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Storii has hundreds of meaningful life story questions and the option to create your own. Over the course of a few months, one of our early adopters, Dean, has answered over 100 life story questions. This has amounted to nearly five hours in audio recordings.

His son and granddaughter have added family photos to his responses. With the audio transcriptions and photos, they now have a life story audiobook they can download to treasure forever!

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Connected friends and family members can receive text message notifications when a new question has been answered. You can also share links to your responses so loved ones can view them.

You don't require internet access to connect with your loved ones! Individuals using a landline phone to record answers can also invite their loved ones to receive all their recordings. When calling in to record stories, they will have an option to invite loved ones to receive their stories by entering their phone number.

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