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We are the creators of StoriiCare, a care management, activity tracking and engagement platform for care providers. StoriiCare is used by ResidentialAdult Day Care and Home Care providers.

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What we do

We provide all StoriiCare clients with a way to better connect and communicate with you as a family member or friend. Our Storii Family app allows you to send and receive photos and messages from care staff, gives you the ability to contribute to your loved one's secure online profile, and enables you to get live notifications anytime your loved one participates in an activity at their care community.

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What is the difference between StoriiCare and Storii?

StoriiCare is a software used by care providers for managing tasks, care planning, storing client information and engaging those clients using a person-centered approach.

Basically, it is a way for care staff to carry out their workflow digitally.

This cuts down on paperwork, which gives them more time to spend with your loved one! Plus, it is more efficient and better for the environment. Win-win!

Storii is the family side of StoriiCare

With the Storii Family app, you can connect to certain parts of your loved one's secure StoriiCare profile.

With a Storii account, you can:
- Receive notifications when your loved one participates in an activity.
- Send and receive private messages from care staff.
- Build a life story about yourself and your loved one.
- View the care community's calendar and sign up to attend events.
- See photos that care staff upload.
- Contribute life story information to your loved one's profile: photos, videos, audio recordings, playlists and more! 

Our Story

They say failure is essential to success. 

In our case, this is true. 

You see, technically, StoriiCare exists because of one man's kidney failure.

Our founder, Cameron Graham, was participating in a charity run when he experienced kidney failure. This landed him in a hospital ward next to Peter. Peter was an elderly man with dementia. He didn’t say much, but Cameron noticed that when his granddaughter would visit and show him family photo albums, Peter would light up and become conversational. When she left, he grew quiet and retreated into himself. 

Sitting in his hospital bed passing time on an iPad, Cameron felt there must be a tool to help Peter reconnect with both his past and his present. After researching existing products and finding them ineffective, he decided to create something new. And with that, the mission of StoriiCare was established –
 To improve the lives of those in care.

Since 2016, StoriiCare has evolved from a simple, life story and reminiscence software based in the UK to become a full care and activities management system for all types of care providers in both the UK, USA and beyond.  

By making data more accessible with our intuitive and user-friendly software, our vision is – 
To set the gold standard for person-centered care.

Our Services

Family Circle
For Families

Stay connected to your loved one in care through our designated family app, Storii. Recieve live updates and notifications about your loved one, contribute to their personal profile, view the community's event calendar, and message directly with care staff.
Service Users
For Service Users

StoriiCare enables residents and service users to benefit from high levels of person-centered care. Care staff have access to service users' personal profiles complete with playlists, digital photo albums, preferences, care plans, life stories, etc.
Care Tasks
For Care Staff

StoriiCare reduces the amount of time staff spent on paperwork, freeing them up to spend that time with the people they care for. StoriiCare enables staff to offer higher levels of person-centered care and to communicate better with service user families.

ive Chat is available 24/7 on our website and the Storii platform. Our team is always happy and ready to assist you with any questions!
StoriiCare Trends
For Care Management

StoriiCare generates in-depth analytics. These reports allow management to make informed, data-driven decisions for better care outcomes.

StoriiCare comes with features focused on improving cognitive function and quality of life for those with dementia.
Personalized profiles equip staff with rich material to use for Reminiscence therapy.
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