A Truly Unique Christmas Gift

Capture the Life Stories of Your Loved Ones

Have you bought every gift you could imagine for your family and now don't have a clue what to get them? If your family likes special gifts from the heart it can be even more difficult to choose a meaningful gift each year.

This year, give the truly memorable Christmas Gift of Storii.

A Storii subscription is a unique and meaningful gift for the loved ones in your life. With Storii your Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Grandma - the whole family - can record and share their life stories. It's a gift that is important, meaningful and will be treasured for generations.

How Storii Works

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1Choose life story questions

Storii has hundreds of meanginful question prompts you never thought to ask. Queue these up or add your own custom questions to ask a family member.

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2Set up Storii calling

Enter your loved one's phone number and set up their calling schedule. On designated days and times, they will receive an automated phone call asking life story questions. They can also call back the same number we call from at any time to record a Life Story when convenient for them. All they have to do is press 1 to record their answer over the phone once they have found a suitable question prompt.

Unique Christmas day gift - Storii

3Build & share life stories

Your loved one's recordings will be stored on their Storii profile. You can use photos, videos, and text to accompany their answers. Life stories can easily be shared via email, links, or downloaded and printed off as a beautiful keepsake.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calls can I schedule?

You can schedule up to 3 calls per week. Choose the dates and times during the setup process, and Storii will send phone calls to your loved ones directly. These dates and times and be changed at any time by logging into your Storii profile.

How is Storii a personalized Christmas gift?

Storii enables your love ones to record their life stories over the phone. It is a personalized way to share your memories with others in your family and among close friends.

How does Storii work?

Storii is very simple to use.
- Just choose life story questions.
- Pick the days and times for Storii to send calls to your loved one, and Storii will call for them to answer questions.
- Life stories will be ready to share afterwards.

Contact us to learn more.

How does the automated calling feature work?

To set up Storii Calling, enter your loved one's phone number and schedule designated days and times. They will receive automated phone calls with life story questions. To answer the questions, they can record their answers by pressing 1 on the keypad of their phone. All answers will be recorded, transcribed and added to their profile.

What does the unique Christmas gift include?

The Storii Gift Box includes 
1x Card containing a unique phone activation code
1x Card with activation instructions
1x Card with a list of example life story questions

Take a look at what's included in the gift box. You can also subscribe to Storii online. Use the promo code WELCOME10 to enjoy a 10% discount. 

How does Storii record stories?