A Father's Day Gift the Whole Family will Love

Capture the Life Stories of Your Leading Man

Feel stumped on what to get Dad for Father's Day this year? If he's the kind of person who has everything he wants already, it makes the task even more of a challenge!

This year, give a truly memorable and interesting Father's Day gift.

A Storii subscription is one of the most sentimental gifts for dad that you can find. With Storii your dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, or husband can record and share his life stories. It's a gift that keeps on giving as it can be treasured for generations.

Plus...it doesn't require wrapping or delivery!

How Storii Works

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1Choose Life Story Questions

Storii has hundreds of questions you never thought to ask. Queue these up or add your own custom questions to ask your Dad.

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2Set up Storii Calling

Enter your Dad's phone number and set up their calling schedule. On designated days and times, your Dad will receive an automated phone call asking life story questions. Dad can also call back the same number we call from at any time to record a Life Story when convenient for him. All he has to do is press 1 to record his answer over the phone. 

Unique fathers day gift - Storii

3Build & Share Life Stories

Your Dad's recordings will be stored on their Storii profile. You can use photos, videos, and text to accompany their answers. Life stories can easily be shared via email, links, or downloaded and printed off as a beautiful keepsake.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download and print my dad’s stories?

Storii allows you to download and print a nicely formatted personalized book for dad as a PDF or a CSV with his Life Story answers. Export an entire Life Story or pick a specific Category or Subcategory of questions and answers. The export will pull answers from the AI Biography Rewrite. These transcripts can be edited by clicking on any question, clicking the Edit button, and changing what is in the AI Autobiography Rewrite text box at the bottom of the screen. Be sure to hit Save if making any changes!

How secure is Storii?

Storii is very secure and respects your privacy. Your father's story  will be stored on encrypted servers and are only accessible by you and the people you invite to his profile. You can also delete any story or the whole account any time you wish.

Can I add my own questions to Storii?

Yes, you can add your own questions to Storii. You can either type them in or record them with your voice. You can also browse through other users’ questions and add them to your queue.

How long does it take to record a story?

It depends on how long your dad wants to speak for each question. He has up to 10 minutes per question to record his answer, which is then automatically stored to an online profile and auto-transcribed into text.

What all is included in the Storii gift box?

Storii acts as the perfect gift for dad which costs ‎$119.00 and the box includes:

1. 1 x Card with activation instructions (both over the phone and online)
2. 1 x Card with unique activation code
3. 1 x Card with a list of example life story questions
4. 12-month telephone service that calls up to 3 times a week to ask questions about an individual's life
Access to over 1000 Life Story questions that can be answered manually with text, photos, videos, and audio recordings