Storii FAQ's

Gift Storii to a loved one or write your own memoir! Both monthly and annual plans are available.

What is included in a paid subscription?

A Storii paid subscription includes 3 Life Story phone calls per week, with access to over 1000 Life Story questions that can be answered manually with text, photos, videos and audio recordings in addition to calls received. Call recipients are also able to call-in at any time convenient to them if they miss scheduled calls. (They simply call back the same number they receive calls from). Family members connected to a loved one's profile will receive notifications whenever a new call recording is completed.

What happens to life story answers if I stop my subscription?

If you choose to downgrade your subscription to a free account, all answers will remain stored on you or your loved ones profile in read-only format. You will also be able to export your answers at any time.

What are Storii phone calls?

Storii sends out automated phone calls on specified days at specified times to record answers to life story questions. Storii uses a life-like automated voice to read each question on the call and let call recipients know when to start responding with their answer. Call recipients can also call-in to record a life story answer at any time by simply calling back the same number they receive calls from.

What support is available?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

I purchased this as a gift for someone else. How are they notified of my purchase?

Both individuals purchasing calls for themselves and those being gifted calls will receive an initial call explaining the Storii service, who purchased it for them, and when they will be receiving calls. However, we do recommend that if you are purchasing Storii as a gift, you should contact the gift recipient before or shortly after your subscription purchase to let them know they should expect calls.

I purchased this as a gift for someone else. How does the recipient log in to Storii themselves?

They can go to and click the Login button or download the Storii App to their device. To log in, they will enter the phone number you registered their account with. They will receive a verification code to that phone. Once logged in, they can go to their account settings to change the login details to be an email address or username and password, if preferred.

Can two or more people share an account? (i.e. mom and dad having one account)

Calls go out to only ONE number. Technically, two people could take turns answering questions but in general, we'd suggest separate subscriptions.

What does a Storii call sound like?

There is a chime noise to indicate it is a Storii call. Then, the following transcript plays: 
"Hello (Name), This is Storii with a new life story question. This call is recorded and answers you give may be shared with your family. Today's question is: '(question prompt)' To repeat: '(question prompt)'. To start recording your answer, press 1 on the keypad. As a reminder, there is no operator on the line that can hear or respond to you. You have 10 minutes to record your answer and you can end the call at anytime by hanging up. Again, today's question is: '(prompt)'. We will begin recording your answer after the beep."

How do I choose which questions are asked?

You can access the Upcoming Questions queue via the life story page of a profile with an active subscription. You can also manually add any question from our database or one you create manually by opening the question and clicking the 'Add to Upcoming Questions' button.

Can I edit or add to answers after a recording?

You are able to add to any life story recording with text, images, videos or additional audio recordings. You can edit the transcription text generated from a call audio recording, but you are not able to directly edit the actual audio recorded. You are however able to delete a recording and queue that question again for a second recording if necessary.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by accessing the billing area within settings, accessible via the top right hand profile image within your storii profile.

Can I download, print, or export answers?

Yes! All answers of all media types can be exported either by using the Print option to the top right of the life story page, or by downloading media directly within an answer in the life story feature.

What happens if my loved one misses the call?

If a life story phone call is not answered by the recipient in time, they are able to return that call at any time convenient to them and record their answer manually.

Is there a time limit for phone calls?

At current, Life Story calls allow for up to 10 minutes of recording time.

How to I change the days and times calls get sent?

You can click the 'Call Settings' button on the Life Story page of an active profile to manage the days and times someone receives calls.

How can I receive notifications when my loved one answers a Storii question?

If you purchased Storii as a gift for a loved one, the phone number you entered for yourself will automatically receive text notifications anytime they answer a question. If you created a Storii account for yourself, you can sign up others to receive notifications by connecting them to your profile. To do this, click 'Connections +' on your Storii Home page. Simply enter their phone number and click 'Add as Connection'.

What kind of media uploads does Storii support?

We accept most media formats, including:
- MP4, webm
- MP3, M4A, WAV
If there are any formats you’d like to use that don’t currently work for you, let us know

Does Storii work for different languages?

At current we are only sending out calls in English - we do plan to expand to other languages in the near future. There is of course nothing stopping call recipients recording an answer in any language they choose. Please let us know which languages you would like to see Storii calls sent out in!

What countries does Storii offer calls to?

At current we offer calls to the below countries:
- United States of America
- Canada
- United Kingdom
- Guernsey
- Israel
- Mexico

Please let us know which countries you would like to see Storii calls sent out to!

Storii Makes a Great Gift

Ready to record a memoir for your family? Looking for questions to ask your parents? Want to document a loved one's life before their memory fades? Don't wait! There is no greater gift than preserving a life story to be treasured for generations to come.