Benefits for Veterans

Ask a veteran about their life and take interest in their stories.

Life Story Work is a powerful tool to connect with Veterans - it's now available on a scalable platform, Storii.

Communication is a central part of person-centered care and it's a key-factor when working to reduce social isolation and loneliness. Veterans do a noble act of defending their country, and when they return home they may face significant challenges adjusting back into society. In this case, communication is a powerful tool to engage Veterans in sharing their stories and emotions.

Research has shown a connection between social isolation and an increased risk of dementia and other diseases. Furthermore, loneliness has been linked to an increase in cognitive decline, susceptibility to infection and high blood pressure. Staying connected to loved ones can be hard, but the benefits are significant. Storii is an easy to use platform that allows you to record your life stories over the phone and easily share them with your family members. With an intuitive design, Veterans have access to a curated list of life story question prompts that will be shared via regular phone calls, with answers automatically recorded and transcribed to Storii.

3 ways Storii can help Veterans

A veteran with his family

1Encourage connection

Whether you are creating a Storii account for yourself or for someone you love, doing so starts a dialogue. By recording personal narratives, Storii helps Veterans to capture memories and stories that might not be recorded otherwise. Those memories can create an emotional bond when shared with family and also help other individuals access and empathize with how Veterans may be feeling.

Family members talking to a Veteran

2Reduce social isolation

Taking the time to either listen to someone´s narrative or share a life story can strengthen relationships. Once shared with family, Storii recordings may inspire future connections and conversations too. When we learn unexpected parts about the complex, multi-dimensional individual we love, a deeper connection can begin. It is important to create this sense of connection for Veterans as a powerful way to reduce any social isolation.

A veteran sharing their stories

3Offer an easy way to share stories and feel a sense of purpose

We are called Storii for a reason - we care about individual´s stories! Leaving a legacy for loved ones is an incredibly meaningful gift for an individual to work towards. Recording a life story in their own words and voice is a project that can give Veterans a new sense of purpose.