Our Commitment to Privacy

At Storii, we take privacy very seriously.

You can read our full privacy policy here, but we also want to explain some of the measures we take to ensure your Life Story stays secure.

As a Summary:

  • All your Storii data is private by default. Stories are shared individually so if you share a story with your family they will only have access to that story unless they become a Connection.
  • With a subscription, your stories can be downloaded at any time, either individually or as a full booklet.
  • Your data is secured via enterprise grade security with AWS

You have control

You always have control over who can see your stories.

  • Stories are always private unless they are shared directly with family members via an invite, via a share link. Connections will also be able to see your stories.
  • Stories are only available via a private link if you choose to generate one. This link is not available on search engines, it has to be shared to be found.
  • Only you can invite others to be a Connection or to view a story.
  • No stories will be posted to social networks on directly through Storii. If you would like to share a story via a social network, you must generate a shareable link first.

Your data is secure

At Storii, we ensure your data is secure through the following methods:

  • All stories and profiles are encrypted in our database.
  • Our data is stored with AWS, the largest cloud storage provider available. It is widely recognised as the most secure cloud storage provider, and used by many governments and providers with high security requirements.
  • All communications between your browser and Storii uses the HTTPS protocol, for additional browser security.
  • Payments are processed through Stripe, a popular, secure and PCI compliant payments processor.

Storii Makes a Great Gift

Ready to record a memoir for your family? Looking for questions to ask your parents? Want to document a loved one's life before their memory fades? Don't wait! There is no greater gift than preserving a life story to be treasured for generations to come.

With Storii you can:
Choose from over 1000 life story question prompts (or create your own!)
Record interactive responses (video, photo, text, audio)
Print a Life Story Record including all populated questions
Curate and share personal music & video playlists
Create a 'My Places' list by saving significant locations using Google Street View