Reminiscence Therapy

Using memories to improve psychological well-being

The use of life histories — pictorial, written or spoken — to improve psychological well-being.

Reminiscence therapy is one of the most popular psychosocial interventions in dementia care. That said, reminiscence can positively impact anyone, regardless of cognitive abilities. It has been shown that life story work paired with reminiscence therapy can have a significant impact on wellbeing and happiness, reducing anxiety and depression.

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Benefits of Reminiscence

- Improvements in cognition and mood

- Empowerment

- Reductions in strain experienced by care-givers and relatives

- Raised self-esteem

- Improved communication

- Reductions in the symptoms of depression

- Stimulation and entertainment

How Storii Can Help

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1Prompting memories

Storii users have the option to create their own life story prompts. But Storii's database of questions takes the guesswork out of "Where do I start?". There are thousands of questions designed to facilitate self-reflection and cultivate meaningful conversations between loved ones.

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2Engaging the senses

Storii's Playlists, Places, and Media features can assist individuals, families, and care providers with stimulating memories. With these engagement elements you can do things like:

Listen to significant songs from one's life to connect with moments from the past.

Create a playlist of videos that feature important historical and cultural aspects of one's life.

Upload old family photos that accompany stories being told.

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3Flexible formatting

Not everyone likes to reminisce in the same way. Some prefer to reminisce quietly by themselves. Others find it beneficial to do so with a loved one or in a group setting. Some may love answering questions about their life over the phone. Others want to take the time to write up their responses. At Storii, we know everyone has different needs and preferences. This is why we offer various ways of building and formatting stories for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.