A Meaningful Gift for Grandma

Capture the Life Stories of Your #1 Lady with one of the best modern gift ideas for grandma!

A Memorable Gift For Grandma

Grandmothers are special but finding the perfect present for grandma can sometimes be a challenge.  Across the years she has received all the gifts you can think of, so it’s super hard to find a unique and meaningful gift for her. We have you covered with Storii! 

A Storii subscription is a special and meaningful gift for your grandmother. With Storii, your Grandma is guided through recording her memories and life stories. Technically, all she needs is a phone (no smart phone required!).

It's a gift that keeps on giving because these recordings can be shared and treasured for generations to come.

Don’t wait now, just order the best grandma's Mother's Day gift subscription today. 

How Storii Works

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1Choose Life Story Questions

Storii has hundreds of questions you never thought to ask. Queue these up or add your own custom questions to ask your Grandma. 

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2Set up Storii Calling

Enter your Grandma’s phone number and set up their calling schedule. On designated days and times, your loved one will receive an automated phone call asking life story questions. All they have to do is press 1 to record their answer over the phone. 

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3Build & Share Life Stories

Your Grandma's recordings will be stored on their Storii profile. You can use photos, videos, and text to accompany their answers. Content is created and maintained by you and/or your Grandma. Life stories can easily be shared via email, links, or downloaded and printed off as a beautiful keepsake.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Storii record stories?

Storii enables your grandmother to receive up to 3 scheduled calls/week to answer questions asked by her loved ones. You can listen to the answers or share via email, or links, or download and print off as a beautiful keepsake.

Are my grandma's stories safe on Storii?

Yes, absolutely. The heartfelt stories are saved securely and privately, and can only be accessed by you or by people you choose to share them with. We take proactive measures to protect your private information and to ensure that your stories remain safe and accessible.

Can I add my own questions to Storii?

Yes, you can add your own questions to Storii. You can either type them in or record them with your voice. You can also browse through other users’ questions and add them to your queue.

What will I receive in a paid Storii subscription?

With a Storii premium membership, you'll have the benefit of receiving up to three weekly Life Story phone calls. Plus, you can access an extensive collection of over 1000 Life Story questions. These questions can be answered manually using text, images, videos, and audio recordings, in addition to the calls you receive.

In case someone misses a scheduled call, they can easily call back at a time that suits them, using the same number they received calls from. Furthermore, family members connected to your loved one's profile will always be notified whenever a new call recording is finished.

Check our pricing structure here.

Is it possible to customize questions?

Absolutely! If you'd like to include your own personalized questions, it's a breeze to do on Storii. Just click on the 'Add' button when you're in a life story category, and you'll have the freedom to craft any question that suits your needs. You can also modify the wording of existing questions if it elicits a better response from your loved one. Remember to place any custom questions you create in the "Upcoming Questions" list, so they'll be included in the phone calls for your loved one to answer!

How does Storii record stories?
Can I print the answers?

Yes. You can export answers in various media formats. Hover to the Export feature at the top right corner of all Life Story pages.

Additionally, you can directly download media from within individual answers in the Life Story feature

How does Storii record stories?