The Perfect Gift for Grandparents

Capture Their Life Stories & Memories as a Unique Gift

A Storii subscription is a special and meaningful gift that grandparents will love. With Storii, grandma and grandpa are guided through recording their memories and life stories. Technically, all they needs is a phone (no smart phone required!).

This is a gift for grandma or a gift for grandpa that keeps on giving! These recordings can be shared and treasured for generations to come.

How Storii Works

Mothers day gift digital

1Choose Life Story Questions

Storii has hundreds of questions you never thought to ask. Queue these up or add your own custom questions to ask your Grandparents. 

Mothers day life story gift

2Set up Storii Calling

Enter your Grandpa or Grandma’s phone number and set up their calling schedule. On designated days and times, your loved one will receive an automated phone call asking life story questions. All they have to do is press 1 to record their answer over the phone. 

Family using app

3Build & Share Life Stories

Your loved one’s recordings will be stored on their Storii profile. You can use photos, videos, and text to accompany their answers. Content is created and maintained by you and/or your Grandparents. Life stories can easily be shared via email, links, or downloaded and printed off as a beautiful keepsake.