3 Main Reasons Why Preserving Family History Is Important

3 Main Reasons Why Preserving Family History Is Important

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April 4, 2022
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Few things in life are as beautiful and meaningful as familial bonds. This is why preserving family history is important—future generations should have access to long-held traditions, beliefs, and ideologies.

Learning about your family can bring you more benefits than you can imagine. Preserving and passing on your history using various methods will help you understand yourself better. Knowledge of your ancestors can also serve as your anchor and inspiration to help you face life’s challenges.

Aside from having a positive effect on future generations, well-preserved family history can also strengthen existing bonds. 

Here are the top three reasons why preserving family history is important.

1. Family History Can Give You a Sense of Identity

In the process of preserving your family history, you will be able to uncover details of your family’s past that would otherwise remain unknown to you.

This connection with your ancestors can help you establish a unique sense of identity and authenticity. There’s nothing more eye-opening and liberating than learning about where you came from and what brought you here.

As you begin to learn about your family’s past, embrace your culture, and celebrate your family traditions, it can boost your self-worth and give you a sense of belonging like no other. 

In the same way, recording and preserving your history and customs can help your future generations connect with you when you’re gone.

2. Family History Can Make You a Better Person

Life is full of challenges, but we can’t deny the fact that it was likely worse for our ancestors. They faced terrible heartaches and tragedies that were difficult to overcome. But the fact remains that they got through many of the hurdles they encountered. 

This tender knowledge about the strength of your ancestors can serve as a blueprint for you to survive hard times and face disappointments. It can help you find happiness in the hardships, give you the courage to keep going during challenges and make you more resilient.

For instance, you may discover your great-grandfather lived during the Great Depression and worked night and day to provide for his family. Or that your great-grandmother singlehandedly managed her household during the war.

Regardless of the specific stories and histories, learning about your ancestors’ struggles can inspire you to work harder, be more empathetic, and become a better person overall.

3. Family History Can Help You Make Better Life Decisions

There’s no better way to grow as a human being than by learning from other people’s mistakes and failures. Learning about your ancestors’ pasts can help you make better decisions when facing similar predicaments. You will be better equipped to analyze your situation and consider your next steps.

Moreover, a better understanding of your ancestors’ struggles can inspire love and compassion for their mistakes and flaws. This realization can easily translate to existing relationships within and outside the family. 

Remembering this in the context of others’ shortcomings can help you be a better child, parent, sibling, and human being. It can give you a sense of responsibility and develop altruistic selflessness.

Using Storii to Preserve Family History 

Learning about, recording, and preserving your family history is a fascinating process that can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. If you’re wondering about the best ways to do so, we have the perfect solution for you.

Storii is a fantastic life story recording platform that lets you develop and build a digital legacy of memories, life stories, and personal history. Whether you wish to preserve the past in the form of images, audio, videos, or text, Storii offers several methods to safeguard your family history for generations to come. 

Once you create a Life Story, you can easily grant access to the rest of your family so they can view and contribute to it. Purchase a plan as a gift today!