Perfect Gifts for the Nostalgic Person in Your Life

Gift ideas for the sentimental, nostalgic person in your life. These gifts are sure to keep their favorite memories alive!

We all know someone who airs on the sentimental, nostalgic side. The best friend who remembers everything and reminisces about high school days. The girlfriend who keeps all her life story journals and makes a photo book every year. The parent who has an impressive collection of vintage records or retro board games they’ll never part with. The brother who was born in the 80s and never wants you to forget it. 

If you want to buy a gift that lets your loved one indulge in a trip down memory lane, here is some inspiration to get you started! Keep in mind that while this is a fairly generic list, the most meaningful and memorable presents will be tailored to your person’s particular interests and life story. 

A DIY Reel Viewer

Who doesn’t remember flipping through one of these? Bring back the feel-good vibes of childhood and create custom reels containing snapshots of your favorite memories.

Red retro reel viewer
Uncommon Good

A Retro Cooler 

Get an era-specific retro cooler! This is sure to bring back sweet memories of camping trips, tubing down the river, family picnics, tailgating, or whatever pastime involved keeping things cool. Plus, unlike some of the other items listed here, this has the added benefit of being super practical. 

Foster & Rye Vintage Cooler in Red
Foster & Rye via Amazon

Mini Film Projector 

If your loved one gets their nostalgia fix from re-watching old movies and TV shows, this is the perfect gift! Instantly make any space into a home theatre with a mini film projector, which enables you to stream your favorite content from a WiFi, USB, or HDMI connection. Additionally, this is a pretty epic way to view old home videos, too. Grab the tissues. 

A couple lays before a Mini Film Projector inside a tent decorated with fairy lights
Anker Nebula Capsulevia Amazon

Time Capsule 

If you’re celebrating an important anniversary, moving to a new place, welcoming your first child or entering a new year - this is a great, interactive gift for your loved one! Create a time capsule full of letters, trinkets and memorabilia that represents life right now. You can enjoy opening together years down the road. How much more nostalgic can you get?!

DIY Time Capsule Box
Paper Jam Print Co. via Etsy

Apparel & Accessories

If your loved one is fond of a certain decade of their life, you can scour the internet to find throwback clothing and accessories. Whatever you have in mind, you can be sure Google will help you find it. Whether it’s a Dick Tracy watch, 90s NBA jerseys or a 1970s macrame wall hanging, you’re bound to find nostalgic goodness to wrap up. 

A black t-shirt with the Goonies image on it
Costal Cotton Club via Etsy

Custom Vinyl 

In the era of music streaming services, we’ve lost some appreciation for the art of a good mixed tape. Now you can memorialize the perfect playlist for your loved one in their very own custom vinyl record. Decide what memory-inducing music you want on your record, create some cover artwork and the experts at services like One Cut Vinyl will take care of the rest. Please note, you must purchase and own the tracks you wish to use.Storii - Life Story Recording

Vinyl player plays a vinyl

Storii - Life Story Recording

Storii makes it incredibly easy and fun to record and preserve memories and life stories. It comes with a database of thousands of life story writing prompts. Questions can be answered with video, audio, text, and/or images. Answers can easily be shared, downloaded, or printed off as a keepsake.

Crunched for time? Storii's Life Story Calls makes it super simple to capture you or your loved one's memories and stories with virtually no effort on your part. Storii makes a great gift and enables people to build up a legacy over time to be cherished for many lifetimes.

The Storii App on an iPhone showing an answer to the life story question "What was your first memory?"

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