8 Activities to Do at Home to Remind You of the Past

8 Activities to Do at Home to Remind You of the Past

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March 21, 2022
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Your home can be the perfect place to take on an activity to remind you of the past, especially when you need a little change of pace from your daily routine and could use some nostalgia in your life. Whether you’re looking to relive something specific or just want to feel more nostalgic in general, these activities can help you relax and take you back to better times. You don’t have to leave your home to do them, so pick one that sounds good today!

1) Play Family Board Games

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to break away from the day-to-day and do something that doesn’t involve a screen. Board games are an affordable and relaxing way to engage in some nostalgia while spending time with loved ones. 

For example, while playing Monopoly, you may remember that time you finally acquired both Boardwalk and Park Place. You can tell your kids and grandkids how you used Life to teach you about money-making decisions.  And if Scrabble bores them, suggest they go on a hunt for exquisite or zeitgeist. (You should see their faces when those words are revealed.)

2) Bake Baked Goods with Family Recipes

There’s something enjoyable about baking with family recipes. Remembering what your grandmother used to make will bring back memories, and you’ll be able to add your flourishes based on what you remember. So grab the family cookbook or flip through recipes online and find some that are special—not necessarily because they’re good, but because they remind you of a specific time in your life.

3) Look Back on Childhood Pictures

Children grow up so fast, it’s sometimes hard to believe how much time has passed. Revisiting childhood photos will remind you just how much you’ve grown—and that might just make you smile a little bit. Or more than a little bit: Researchers have found that looking at old photos has a positive effect on our mood and is linked with happiness and higher levels of life satisfaction.

4) Share Childhood Memories

Whether it’s digging through old photos or reminiscing about your favorite childhood memories, there are plenty of activities you can do at home that will remind you of days gone by. Try playing some old songs on a record player or remembering your favorite stories told by loved ones. Don’t limit yourself to these suggestions; take time for yourself and explore ways to remember past times!

Use Storii to record your favorite childhood memories to share with loved ones, or even to listen to yourself. 

5) Read Books from Your Childhood

Reading stories from your childhood brings back fond memories of the past. These stories are oftentimes filled with imagination and joy which allow you to relive those childhood days once again. What book have you always wanted to reread? For example, if you were a dinosaur lover when you were younger, maybe reading The Land Before Time or Dinosaur Train will remind you of those good old days. Revisiting Through the Looking Glass or The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe may take on new meaning from when you were younger. 

6) Watch Black and White Sitcoms

If you're looking for a way to reminisce about past pop culture, there's no better way than sitting down with an old black and white sitcom. There are countless options out there, but some of our favorites include I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched, and The Andy Griffith Show. Sharing these with your children and grandchildren can also spark conversations about what it was like to grow up watching these sitcoms. Fortunately today, we can easily pause the show to chat about this!

7) Create a Scrapbook or Collage

Creating a scrapbook or collage with childhood photos, magazine clippings, and other mementos can help you relive those happy times. Do it regularly—once every couple of months, or once per season if you prefer—and you’ll begin to relive all those great memories in no time. If your kids are around, involve them as well; what better way is there to get your child interested in family history than by sharing your cherished possessions?

A good scrapbooking kit might cost anywhere from $40-80 but using old magazines that you have laying around would be a lot cheaper! If your house is anything like mine, magazines are everywhere!

8) Do some Nostalgic Crafts

Crafting is a great way to enjoy a small bit of nostalgia, especially if you’re looking for activities that are both fun and relaxing. Try crafting some paper snowflakes, making friendship bracelets out of yarn, or beaded jewelry. Whatever craft you choose to create—and there are plenty more options than these!—be sure you have plenty of time set aside to let your mind wander back through fond memories. This activity is ideal if you’ve got a lot on your plate but still want to unwind and relax, as it can fill up hours of downtime while allowing you to step away from screens and other gadgets. Plus, it gives you an excuse to hang out with friends or family.