Introducing: AI Summaries - Capturing the Essence of a Lifetime

Storii, the life story recording and sharing platform has introduced a new feature that uses the power of A.I. to distill the essence of all your stories, transforming hours of audio into a brief, easy to read summary.

Introducing: AI Summaries - Capturing the Essence of a Lifetime

Today we explore the newest addition to the Storii family -  'AI Summaries', a tool designed to condense the rich tapestry of you and your loved ones' stories into succinct, easily digestible summaries.

Storii's A.I. Summary

The Magic of AI Summaries

Picture this: a lifetime of experiences, adventures, trials, and triumphs, all encapsulated within a few paragraphs that hold the emotional weight and wisdom of the original hours-long anecdotes. This is the magic Storii's 'AI Summaries' provides.

"We’re using the power of AI to distill the essence of all your stories, transforming hours of audio into a brief, easy to read summary," says Cameron Graham, CEO of Storii. With this groundbreaking feature, Storii is not just preserving memories but also making them accessible and shareable like never before.

How Does It Work?

The summary pulls all of your Storii recordings to date to create a highly person centered and easily read record of you.This isn't just a dry recount; the AI is designed to capture the narrative flow, maintaining the storyteller's voice and the emotional undertones that make each story unique. There are 6 key summary areas, including a Map of key discussed locations, which are automatically updated and expanded upon once a month as long as you have new Storii recordings.

Storii's A.I. Summary

For the Family, By the Family

AI Summaries aren't just a tool for convenience; they're a way to bridge generational gaps. Younger family members can engage with the distilled stories, gaining insights and understanding of their heritage in the time it takes to sip a cup of coffee. These summaries serve as gateways, piquing interest and often leading to family members contacting loved ones about their recordings to learn more.

Preservation for Posterity

These summaries act as time capsules, ensuring that the essence of each story is preserved for future generations. They provide a snapshot, an overview of a person's life that can be appreciated in the context of a family's ongoing saga.

Inclusive and Accessible

Storii's commitment to accessibility remains steadfast with AI Summaries. The feature comes at no extra cost to Storii users and is accessible within their profile. As with the full-length stories, you will soon be able to edit and enrich summaries with photos, videos, and personal notes.

Try Storii Today

Embrace the future of storytelling with Storii's AI Summaries. Give the gift of legacy, wrapped in the warmth of remembrance and the convenience of modern technology. Visit Storii's website to learn more and begin the journey of capturing the stories that matter the most.

If you have any feedback or ideas for future features, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always striving to make Storii the best it can be and your input is incredibly valuable to us!

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Cameron Graham, Co-Founder & CEO, Storii

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