Get Creative With These Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Get Creative With These Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

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March 21, 2022
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Finally, the last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas you’ve been waiting for! With just a few days left before the big day, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get creative! After all, the best last-minute Mother’s Day gifts are ones that show how much thought you put into the present rather than what store or website you purchased it from.

Get her a Storii Subscription

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Go Gourmet

You might think last-minute gifts are limited to a bouquet of flowers, but many other options won’t break your bank. One idea is to give your mom something she can enjoy and take pride in—gourmet food! You can get creative with gourmet gift baskets, which allow you to put together a custom assortment of fine foods for her. 

Here are some gourmet food ideas to inspire you: 

Choose a theme for your gourmet food baskets, such as ethnic foods from around the world. Or go with a certain ingredient like smoked salmon or chocolate. Then fill your gift basket with gourmet food items related to that theme.

A Photography Class

Do you have a smartphone? A digital camera? If so, you already have everything you need to get started taking amazing photos. A great last-minute gift idea is a photography class at your local community college or university. Many classes offer flexible scheduling and private lessons, meaning it won’t be crowded and group projects are often an option.

Go Shopping Together

One of my favorite last-minute ideas is to join your mom on a trip to a local boutique or new clothing store. You can browse through clothes together, which will help pass the time and allow you to help her pick out clothes she might not have thought of purchasing on her own. While you might not be able to get exactly what she wants, it will make her happy to know that you took time out of your busy schedule just for her.

Create a Me Time Jar

A jar full of supplies for mom to take time for herself is a thoughtful gift. Fill a mason jar with nail polish, face masks, and bath bombs. Or you can even go as far as buying her some me-time vouchers that she can redeem with a massage therapist or other pampering services. This is one gift you know she will use!

Give her an experience, not a thing

Don’t assume all last-minute gifts need to be, well, last minute. Try giving your mom a spa day (complete with massages and facials), tickets to a concert, or whatever else she enjoys most. She will love getting a personalized gift that shows you took time thinking about her even if you didn’t have months to plan it. The fact that it only took you a few hours is our little secret!

Treat Her to Lunch at Her Favorite Restaurant

Sometimes, a simple gesture is enough to make someone feel special. Take your mom out for lunch at her favorite restaurant, or even just stop by with a bag of her favorite candy and watch her smile all day long. She’ll appreciate that you made time for her—and who knows? Maybe she’ll return the favor next year!

Buy Her Something From Her Childhood

Many people remember specific toys, dolls, and other knickknacks from their childhood fondly. If you want to buy your mom a last-minute gift, consider looking for something with sentimental value to her—it may be a random toy she can share with her grandchildren one day. For example, if your mom loved playing dress-up as a child, you could look for something like an old-fashioned dressing table set.

Make Jewelry Together

If you have a crafting friend, think about bringing your mom along for a fun afternoon of DIY-ing. It’s an awesome way to bond over something creative. Whether it’s making a necklace out of coffee beans or creating some ornaments together out of seashells, your mother will love being involved in such a unique gift. Alternatively, if there are kids around (or even better, grandchildren!), why not get them involved in making jewelry? Little hands can help make just as beautiful things as grownups—and they get to take their creations home with them!