Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

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October 12, 2020
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Presents Grandparents Will LOVE

It can be hard to come up with the perfect Christmas present for the matriarchs and patriarchs of our lives. They've given us so much and yet seem to have everything they could ever need. That's why we've put together a list of thoughtful Christmas gifts that are a mix of fun, practical, and sentimental!

Nixplay photo frame

Digital photo frames are an easy way to preserve family memories. The NixPlay digital frame can display videos in addition to photos, making the experience even more enjoyable for your loved one. Plus, friends and family can all send updates to the same frame through the Nixplay app from wherever they are. The frame updates in real-time with a WiFi connection. This makes an excellent gift for long-distance grandparents!

Nixplay Photo Frame and Nixplay App
(Nixplay Smart Photo Frames, from $179.99)

Light therapy lamp

An estimated 1 in 3 people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the dark, cold winter months. With short days and less exposure to vitamin-D filled sunlight, its common for our bodies to experience a drop in energy levels and mood. That’s why light therapy lamps make a thoughtful gift for your grandparent! SAD lamps provide a dose of energy by mimicking natural, outdoor light. Sitting in front of a SAD lamp for just 30-60 minutes per day can make a huge difference. If waking up while its still dark is especially hard for your loved one, consider a sunrise-simulating alarm clock that gradually fills the bedroom with light.

Donation to a cause they care about

Grandparents are often hard to Christmas shop for because they usually have everything they need. And while one more personalized knick-knack with a grandkid’s face on it will be treasured, consider a gift that keeps on giving. Think of a cause your loved one is passionate about. Was your mom a nurse? Donate to the medical missions of Doctors Without Borders. Does your dad love animals? Donate to his local Zoo or animal shelter. Are your parents passionate about education? Sponsor a child's education in their honor through an organization like World Vision or Compassion International. This is guaranteed to touch their hearts and contribute to their legacy!

Sponsor a child through World Vision
(Sponsor a child through World Vision)

Subscription boxes

Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?! Subscription boxes are a fun way to celebrate a grandparent’s interests or hobbies. You can find monthly subscription boxes for just about everything imaginable; from wine and plants to skincare and books. You could also go the practical route and sign up your loved ones for a meal subscription kit. Sites like HelloFresh and Blue Apron ensure that dinner is covered a certain number of times each week! 

Bouqs Flower Bouquet
(Bouqs monthly flower subscription, from $36)

Life story recording Gift Box

With Storii, you or your loved one can take the reins on capturing their life story. Having a loved one's memoir to share with future generations is priceless! Storii's platform provides over 1000 question prompts to make recording a memoir an easy and fun process. The best part is that questions can be answered in multiple formats. If typing up answers isn't your thing, you can answer questions via our phone recording service. Add context to memories with photos and music playlists. Then, easily share responses with friends and family through an email or text. This fun, interactive way of building up life stories is something grandparents will be so glad they did!

Storii offers a Life Story Gift Box, which makes a great gift for grandparents. Your loved one doesn't need WiFi or a smartphone - Storii works with landline phones too! They receive calls on selected days and times asking meaningful life story questions. Their answers are recorded, transcribed and stored on their secure Storii profile. Recordings can be shared and downloaded with other family members who would enjoy hearing them too!

Storii - Record your Memoir - Gift Box
(Purchase a Storii Gift Box)

Personalized house portrait

Have your loved ones lived in their home for as long as you can remember? Is their house legendary and the setting of all the best family stories? Then get their abode memorialized with a sweet little house portrait. This could be a DIY-project if you've got an artistic friend or family member. Otherwise, you can find lots of house portrait artists in varying styles and prices on Etsy.

Watercolor house portrait
(MonoArtAndDesign House Portrait, from $39.50)

AncestryDNA Kit

Help grandparents dive into their family history and even meet distant, unknown relatives who've also used the service. The AncestryDNA kit analyzes their saliva swab against over 700,000 DNA markers. Within 6-8 weeks, your loved one will get an email with a link to view their results and see anyone else who shares their DNA!

saliva collection tube in front of the AncestryDNA kit paper instructions
(AncestryDNA kit, from $99)

Family Recipe Box

Whether they really are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world, or there's a pasta sauce that's been passed down from your great-great Nonna in Italy, they deserve safekeeping. This recipe box can be personalized and it's the perfect place for grandparents to store the instructions to those special family foods. They will appreciate you're ensuring those secret family recipes will adorn kitchen tables for generations to come!

Personalized Recipe Box
(WoodCookStudio Personalized Recipe Box, from $30)

Photo Puzzle

Instead of framing a family photo, why not turn it into a puzzle that grandparents can put together over coffee on a cozy winter morning? This one comes in four sizes, anywhere from 60-1040 pieces and arrives in a matching photo box. Tip: If you put the pieces in a different box when gifting it (so they don't see the photo they're putting together), the  puzzle can make for a GREAT pregnancy or engagement announcement gift!

Personalized family photos puzzle partially completed
(Shutterfly Photo Gallery Puzzle, from $32.98)