Thoughtful Gifts for Writers [2020]

Thoughtful Gifts for Writers [2020]

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November 11, 2020
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Do you know a writer? The word writer conjures up associations with journalists, authors, bloggers, songwriters, etc. However, your partner who has stacks on stacks of journals? Also a writer. Your friend who writes incredible, articulate, thought-provoking Instagram captions? By all means, a writer. Your co-worker who has everyone in stitches when you go for coffee because they're such a brilliant storyteller? Likely a writer. Some would even argue that enthusiastic list-makers or note-jotters have a flair for the craft. Whatever the case may be, we have a selection of thoughtful gift ideas for the writer in your life. Whether you're searching for a birthday or Christmas gift, or you want to say thank you or congratulations, these are ideal for any composer and lover of words.

A vintage typewriter

1964 Sterling by Smith Corona - Gray Typewriter
1964 Sterling by Smith Corona - Jot & Tittle Typewriters ($260)

Perfect for someone who is terribly nostalgic or romantic, appreciates moments away from tech, and/or enjoys writing poetry and letters. In today's digital age of blue light blocking glasses and Zoom fatigue, there is a growing interest in these word processors of the past. While vintage typewriters can be rare and expensive, there are many collectors refurbishing and selling them online at decent prices. You could also get lucky and find one at an antique store or estate sale.

A newspaper or magazine subscription

a wall of newspapers

These days the future and integrity of journalism is dependent on subscribers who pay to get news from a respected outlet. People who love reading and writing are bound to appreciate the efforts of other writers to deliver culturally relevant stories and news. Whether it's a local or national newspaper, or a magazine, support one of these sources by purchasing a subscription or membership as a gift.

A standing desk or laptop stand

a woman sitting at a desk typing on a keyboard
Ergonomic Adjustable Notebook Stand by Pannon ($39.99)

If you're buying a gift for someone who spends most of their time writing from a computer and they don't already have a laptop stand or a standing desk, their neck and back will thank you for this! The price point and variety for these products ranges greatly. If they work from home and don't have much space, you can even find very affordable, collapsible, cardboard desk converters like this.

Mug Warmer

a mug of coffee sitting atop an electric mug warmer
Electric Beverage Warmer by VOBAGA ($22.99)

As a writer and coffee-lover myself, I know how annoying and disappointing it is when your coffee or tea cup goes cold. It happens far too often and microwaved drinks aren't ideal. Your friend will greatly appreciate the gift of never-ending hot cuppas when they're furiously typing to make a deadline, up early journaling before their kids wake up, or having a day where they're constantly interrupted.

Prompted Journal

an autobiography journal with prompts surrounded by old photographs
Autobiography Journal by Promptly ($29.99)

This company offers both handwritten, two-person and digital guided journals to make documenting, reminiscing and connecting effortless. They sell prompted journals tailored to things like:

  • Couples
  • Childhood History
  • Autobiography
  • Adoption
  • Gratitude
  • Travel
  • Post-partum
  • Grief

Encourage someone to write their life story with this beautiful gift.

Books to Inspire

woman opening a book on a table

Every writer needs inspiration and I've never met one who didn't love reading, or at the very least, looking at books. Consider purchasing a gift card to an independent bookshop they can peruse. You could also go for a Kindle or Audible subscription. If you like gifting something tangible, then purchase a book about writing or creativity such as Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, On Writing by Stephen King, or any of these.

Luxury Loungewear

woman wearing colorful silk pajamas

With everyone working from home these days and no excuse to dress up, loungewear is essential. Most people don't invest in the high-quality stuff for themselves. This makes it a great gift idea! Look for a pair of luxuriously soft silk pajamas, high-quality moccasin slippers, or a big fluffy spa robe.

Digital Voice Recording Pen

Black Digital Voice Recording Pen by AKALULI
Digital Voice Recording Pen by AKALULI ($36.99)

Ok, ok, we know you can just record a voice memo on your phone. This is more fun and great for recording ideas, memos, lectures, meetings, interviews, etc (while simultaneously allowing you to jot down notes). This particular model comes with 16 GB (200 hours) of storage and easily transfers files to your computer.

Desk Accessories

wooden desktop calendar with photo cards
Desktop Calendar by Artifact Uprising (from $30)

Gift your writer something to adorn the space they work from. You can personalize stationary, notebooks or calendars with photos or monogrammed initials. Other options to consider are a potted plant, wall art, table lamp, desk organizer, essential oil diffuser, candle, charging station or colorful ink pens.

A Storii Subscription

A young woman holds her phone up for her grandfather to see. He is smiling at the screen.

Storii is an online platform that allows users to easily build up a digital legacy of life stories, memories and personal history. Users can use video, audio, images and text to respond to a huge database of life story questions. Writers with an affinity for a good memoir will love Storii. It could be used for themselves or make a great gift for a grandparent or other family member they're close to. Having family history preserved to enjoy for generations to come is absolutely priceless.