Storyworth VS Storii

Storyworth VS Storii

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December 8, 2022
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Storyworth VS Storii: A Legacy Tool Review

The importance of memories for humans is undeniable. Remembering key moments of your life can be a priceless gift. Sometimes, we all need a little help to remember a specific story - thankfully, there are powerful tools out there to support reminiscence.

Reminiscence is the process of recollecting and recalling past events, experiences, and memories. It is an essential part of our lives, as it shapes who we are and helps us to make sense of our past. It can also be a powerful form of self-care and help us honor our relationships with ourselves and others. As we remember and reflect on our past, we can gain greater insight into our present lives and the future. We can reclaim our power and create a stronger sense of identity and purpose through legacy methods.

There are a variety of reminiscence tools available to help with the process of connecting with our past. These include writing prompts, journaling, scrapbooking, and creating photo albums. With the help of these tools, we can explore our memories and experiences in a safe and meaningful way. Two of the most popular digital tools available are Storyworth and Storii.

Storyworth & Storii Logos

What is Storyworth?

Storyworth is a company founded in 2011 that allows users to record their stories over emails and turn them into books. By subscribing to their yearly online services, users get automated emails with question prompts that can be answered via responding via email or on their online portal.

All responses are safely stored on a web platform, and at the end of the subscription period, a book can be received featuring the collected stories.

For this subscription-based system, the platform charges $99.00 a year, and there is the possibility of paying an extra $39.00 for a hardcover book.

Images of StoryWorth's Life Story Books
Storyworth Books

What is Storii?

Storii is a service that uses automated voice services to prompt Life Story Questions to users. Users do not need internet access to access Storii services; only a landline phone (or smartphone if available) is required to receive  calls and manage questions. All answers are automatically stored, transcribed and saved to a dedicated profile. Loved ones can connect to this profile to receive updates and customize questions if the user chooses to give them access.

Storii offers both a monthly subscription ($9.99 per month), a 12-month subscription package ($99.99), in addition to a physical Gift Box ($119) that is perfect to surprise your loved ones with. All versions include access to the automated voice service, transcription, and recording of answers. Within a user profile, pictures, videos, and other data points can be stored against a life story question to add context to a recording.

A Storii Gift Box

Users can choose new questions to be asked, modify the times they receive calls, and rearrange the questions queue simply by calling the automated voice service or, if they have access to the internet, on the Storii Platform. On Storii’s web platform or App, users can also type answers to the question prompts instead of answering them by phone.

Storii can be purchased for yourself or as a gift card /gift box for a loved one.

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Storii & Storyworth Comparison

With a similar price range, the main difference between Storii and StoryWorth is the method by which stories are collected. Storii allows users to record stories over the phone to be transcribed, or to type them into their web or app interface. Storyworth requires users to be able to type their answers and have both internet and email access. Both products offer the possibility to compile answers and export answers in a book format.

Comparison Chart for StoryWorth & Storii
Storyworth VS Storii Comparison Table

Overall, Storii and Storyworth are both useful tools for preserving and sharing personal stories. The key difference between the two companies is the way in which they collect and preserve stories, and the ability to provide the service in a physical gift box. Depending on your personal preferences and needs, either company could be a good fit for you.